Transcendental As Anything..

It's very rewarding when someone buys your original artwork and especially so when you know that it will go to the home of a real art enthusiast.. someone who has a shared appreciation of what it is you love to do albeit from an often more personal, subjective view point.

Everyone enjoys a particular type of art for their own reasons right? Like the young lady in the painting, a chord is struck and you know you want that artwork in your life. 
On the part of the painter there's also a sense of strange sadness attached to any sale. You spend so many solitary hours in front of a work in progress, chipping away towards an unknown finish line.

My recent painting 'Transcendence' a large oil on poly vinyl was harder to let go than most.


That said, I eventually said my goodbyes a few days ago however and like most work that I pack and ship off - once they leave the studio I am already working towards the next picture and always.. I mean always.. thinking about how to improve on the previous.

There's this conundrum I have.

Advertising oneself online or otherwise requires that I present myself as a 'Visual Artist' but frankly I have never really been comfortable with the word 'artist'. I think that if I really believed such a thing I would never improve.. that I may as well stop now.

That word sounds a bit pretentious to me. It's for others to wear, painters long gone that I have read about in books.. but nonetheless something to certainly aspire to.

I am completely comfortable with other people describing themselves as such though. 
I just have so much to learn, so much to improve upon and work towards. Not just in technique but in all the other disciplines that form a human existence, an art experience, a creative life. 


Look, all this is probably another blog post but all I am trying to say is that I am in the pursuit of realising my own idea of what art is.

I still don't understand or comprehend the compulsion to spend so much time on creating images on paper, canvas or screens. All I know is that there is wonderment within it, just as there was when I was ten years old.


So where was I... yes, I sold another painting.

All that was left was to pack and protect it for the customer (oh god I sound like a fricken salesman).

I'm a bit of a stickler for detail so spent time making sure the work (framed and behind glass) was going to look great upon unpacking. I carried it to my kitchen table where I could move around it freely whilst wrapping it all up.


I almost always include a Certificate of Authenticity with artwork. I have it printed on an A4 sheet, hand signed and placed inside a plastic sleeve before finding a spot on the back of the work to tape it.


For artists, bubble wrap is the best thing since sliced bread right?
Hang on.. no. That would be a toaster.
A toaster is the best thing since sliced bread.
The longer I type this blog out the hungrier I get.


After bubble wrap (in this case) comes a nice protective covering of thin plastic. This painting doesn't have to travel too far and because I will be delivering it in person, I don't have to worry about wrapping the whole thing in cardboard.


Well one must always add a final little trinket so to speak.

I decided to stick a couple of my business cards to the packaging. Hey It's the bird brain in me :)

So that's it.. painting to packaging. Riveting reading right? :) 

As a postscript, I delivered the painting to her new home and she looked very happy hanging on the wall. The owners were overjoyed and we had an interesting conversation about art whilst I was introduced to many other works in he and his wifes collection. 

I drove home a little while later, all the while thinking about what might eventuate next.
Let the wonderment continue.