Most people describe my persona as "pretty laid back" but that said, I'm very together and all about getting things done. That means meeting deadlines or challenges that I either place on myself or agree upon with others.

So I tend to work reasonably fast and this generally involves digital media, traditional media and even a little moving image/film work these days. 

I'm completely infatuated with design, so creating images that reflect good composition and colour representation is my creative wheelhouse.

I have been an exhibiting artist in past lives and to some extent still occasionally work on canvas and paper, but tend to produce a lot of my mark making and images these days via a combination of both the natural media and compositing image editing on my mac and a trusty Wacom drawing tablet.

So.. whether it's a pencil, a brush or a stylus doesn't matter.

What was it that Lewis Carroll said.. ' If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there'


Although he prefers to be described as a mark or image maker, Leith O’Malley is an Australian Artist/Illustrator who has been producing art for exhibition and print for many years.

A preference for working in many mediums including digital, his work was recently selected for inclusion in the 2017 'Next Level Exhibition' which will showcase artists working in the digital platform. The works will be exhibited in galleries in Aukland (NZ), Sydney and Melbourne later this year.

O'Malley was also included in the 2016 European publication “Looking Down Under – Contemporary Artists of Australia” and in doing so joined the Italian Luciano Benetton Collection. He is also part of the illustration stable of the long standing Australian music publication “Rhythms”.

Recent editions of the magazine featured his renditions of musicians such as Ben Harper, Joe Bonamassa, Billy Bragg, Kasey Chambers and Bonnie Raitt.  

His involvement and love of music has seen him producing promotional material and CD artwork for many Australian musicians and music events.

Additionally his artwork has been exhibited in Russia (The Moscow Jazz Festival) and the United States (Dallas 4th Wall Gallery and Saratoga New York Jazz Festival) plus various Australian commercial galleries. Leith O'Malley maintains an international presence via social media networks, online art communities and various portfolio websites.

He continues his studio practice, treading a path of fascination with all things painting and drawing - both traditionally and/or digital. 


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Sydney: Frances Keevil Gallery

Melbourne: Smart Artz Gallery

Adelaide: Geoffrey Stappelton Gallery

Dallas(USA): Storyopolis Gallery